Auto Painter

November 17, 2023
USD 2400 - USD 3000 / month
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Automotive painter provides instructional sessions on all phases of mechanical work, on all types of road vehicles, both diesel and gasoline, including use and interpretation of test equipment, including test results; front end alignment and wheel balancing; transmission repair; radiator repair; auto air conditioning repair and maintenance; tire repair and maintenance; vehicle body repair and painting; tools to be used, maintenance of tools and equipment, safety procedures to follow.


  • Fills small dents and scratches with body filler and cleans and prepares surfaces to ensure paint and other finishes will adhere properly
  • May prepare cost estimates of labor and materials for pending automotive paint jobs
  • Color blending into adjacent panels for a better color match to existing vehicle paint
  • Works with potentially hazardous materials so attention to safety and personal protection are essential
  • Mix and spray paint and primer per work instructions
  • Clean panels in preparation for painting and priming
  • Document the materials used in the process to maintain traceability
  • Management of the collection, disposal, and storage of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes
  • Maintain spray equipment
  • Select appropriate paint or mix paints using automated paint mixing equipment
Requirements and skills
  • Automotive repairs and maintenance
  • Principles and processes involved in supporting automotive body repair functions at an overseas facility
  • Principles and processes involved in supporting automotive body repair functions
  • Spray gun components and operating principles Methods
  • Paint mixing and painting equipment maintenance
  • Tools and equipment used in automotive paintin
  • Automotive systems
  • Tools and repair processes
  • Commonly-used concepts