Shift Supervisor

Application deadline closed.

Job Description

A shift supervisor overviews the daily activities and how employees perform during their shift. They are responsible for maximizing customer satisfaction through handling requests or complaints. They are also in charge of maintaining a tidy and organized workspace stocked with essential supplies, while ensuring that production or service runs smoothly.


  • Manage daily schedules, employee shifts, and time-off requests
  • Assign duties to employees and oversee their progress
  • Ensure that daily sales/production goals are met
  • Count cash at the end of the shift and manage bank deposits
  • Train and integrate new workers
  • Provide guidance and feedback to employees when needed
  • Ensure industry rules and regulations are followed
  • Handle customer and employee complaints
  • Resolve conflicts between employees
  • Transfer products and other objects to and from the worksite on occasion

Requirements and skills

  • Age 35 Years max for RGM, 32 Years max for ARM, 30 Years max for SSV
  • Must have background with international QSR brand
  • Good communication skills both written & verbal
  • Must have strong knowledge in QSR operations
  • Must have good expertise in team training
  • Must have deep understanding of P&L