Food Chain Company 3 Vacancy

March 21, 2024
USD 545 - USD 1100 / month
Application ends: April 30, 2024
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Job Description

Restaurant General Manager.

A Restaurant General Manager makes sure the restaurant runs smoothly. They hire and train staff following company policies. In addition, Restaurant General Managers speak with customers about any concerns or problems, while also creating work schedules.

Age Limit – 21 to 35 Years

Assistant Restaurant Manager.

A Restaurant Assistant Manager is a professional who is in charge of making sure that everything runs smoothly at your local restaurant. They are responsible for selecting, developing, and managing employees as well as overseeing inventory ordering processes to create maximum profit margins on every dish served.

Age Limit – 21 to 32 Years

Shift Supervisor.

A shift supervisor overviews the daily activities and how employees perform during their shift. They are responsible for maximizing customer satisfaction through handling requests or complaints. They are also in charge of maintaining a tidy and organized workspace stocked with essential supplies, while ensuring that production or service runs smoothly.

Age Limit – 21 to 30 Years


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